Mirror Essentials shapewear reviews

arm shapers before and after

I didn’t wear sleeveless clothing for years. In fact, I missed out on many a beach trip, because I did not want to be embarrassed by my arms. You know, the flabby old lady arms that give away your age well before you are ready!

We have all seen them. Arms that jiggle so much that they look like bat wings. They are part fat, part skin, but just all flab. It is not attractive and it makes me feel older and way more out of shape than I am.

So, my solution was to simply cover up. I would always wear long sleeves, even in the summer. I would never go to the pool or the beach anymore, because I refused to be in a swimsuit or a tank top. It really limited me in my life and I missed out on a lot of experiences with my friends and family.

One day, I came across a video on social media. It was a video about arms and arm giggle. The exact problem I had been dealing with for years. I was immediately interested in the video and was hooked on what I saw. They used arm compression bands to help tone and compress the loose skin on the arms.

I knew I wanted to try them out! But I wanted to make sure I could find them at a good online store where I could trust the product, shipping and customer service. That’s when I found Mirror Essentials. They’re an online store that specializes in shapewear and the latest trends at incredible prices!

I got the arm bands for half price! The best price I could find. The arm shapers are available in black and nude. I got the nude so I could wear them underneath my clothes and they instantaneously slimmed and tightened my arm! So, for the first time in years I was able to wear sleeves that were tight without having to feel embarrassed by my jiggly arms.

The sleeves are comfortable and offer all around compression. They are even treated with caffeine to help increase circulation and the tightening effects on your skin. The arm shapers are made of nylon and are really soft and very comfortable.

Now that I have been wearing the Arm Control Shaper for a couple of months, I see such a difference in my arms! They are getting more toned and the skin is much tighter so that my arms aren’t loose and dangly anymore.

I feel a little more comfortable in my clothing and I have even started going to the pool with my grandkids. I can’t believe I had been missing out on life for so long! My life is completely changed and because I look better, I feel a lot better. I wish I had been able to find these arm shapers earlier and I could have been living my life better!

If you have any issues with your arms, I completely recommend you try these out. And if you have any other needs for shapewear, Mirror Essentials is a store you want to check out now! Don’t miss out.