Gluteal Development Exercises Without Weights

Shape your buttocks at home without weights.

Shape your buttocks at home without weights.

Many people enjoy exercising but make the mistake of bypassing certain areas of the body as part of a regular toning routine.
Much attention is often given to the muscles of the arms and shoulders, but areas such as the calves and buttocks are often forgotten. Your buttocks are muscles, as well as biceps and triceps, and need the same attention to be developed. You can shape your ass using machines and weights at the gym, or you can do it without weights at home.

Shape your buttocks at home without weights.

Strides (Lunges)

Strides are an exercise that can leave you sore the next day if you are new to this workout. This exercise strengthens and stretches your quadriceps, hamstrings and buttocks in a single movement.
To do the exercise without weights, keep your hands on your hip or on your sides. Stand with your back straight and take a big step forward. Bend your front leg so that your knee is even with your toes. The back leg should remain straight with the toes on the floor. Then, take a step forward with the back leg and continue to stride. You can also take a step backwards from where you started and repeat the stride again.

Glute Bridge

Making the bridge requires little space and can be done without any equipment. Start lying on your back on the floor. Place flat feet on the floor with knees bent and arms at sides. Lift your buttocks and hips off the floor to form a bridge between the top and bottom of your body.
Avoid lifting your hip too much, as this will take the strain off your buttocks and put it on your lower back. Hold for a few seconds, rest and repeat.

Glute Kickbacks

This training is done on your hands and knees. You can do this by kicking backwards with a straight leg, squeezing your buttocks, or by keeping your leg bent and pushing the bottom of your foot toward the ceiling. Both forms are very effective at shaping your ass.

Body Weight Squats

Squatting is a common way to develop your buttocks and running them without weights can have the same effect. You may not build the same size of muscles, but the tension in your buttocks at the top of the movement will add to this shape and tone. You can also try different positions of the feet, for example, with your toes pointing outwards, and doing the squats slowly.